Blog Post With 2 (two) Languages

by - Thursday, July 03, 2014

Happy July!
If you notice that I start to write with two languages on several posts, that's because I thought it'd fun but in the end it's seriously hard! Realizing that Indonesian and English each has different grammar and structures, but, please bear with it since I won't give up!

July is supposed to be holiday season for kids and students but not for me, so when yesterday my family forced me to take a day-off for accompanying them on a short-trip, I couldn't say no.

So we went to Lembang with another family members, ah.. It's fun and refreshing however.

I realize I become a bit.. fatter, so uncool!

black tube top, chocolate knitted cardigan, brown plaid poncho : unbranded/without tag, 
bought on local stores.
(altered) knee-length denim: Lois Denim
flats: Burberry ballerina flats
bag: Coach Signature (Reversible Stripe Vermillion Tote)

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