Collecting Hotel Bath Products: Yay or Nay?

by - Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hotel Bath Products
So, I have this kind of hobby: Getting all of bathing products from every hotel where I (or my family or friend) have stayed. I never think it's a disgrace attitude or a matter of stealing, since, yes, we've paid for one or two nights and it means I have the rights to (ab)use everything provided (unless it's stated: additional charge). I'm a bad girl, yes.

Actually I just love to collect the bottle, additional point is when you're staying at 4-5 stars hotel, they really do use branded products for their bathing collections (and it's worth to use!)-you'll see my L'Occitane products there, below!

So, I have this moment, at the airport on my way back from Singapore last time. Since I only brought my backpack, all of my skin care products were also included there: lotion (in full size), soft-lens water (in one bottle, still 90%), perfume, and ... Hotel bathing products while I was in Festive Hotel, containing almost 90%!
Bye bye! Resort World Sentosa Hand Wash Bottle.
And, how come I forgot the immigration rule which limits us to bring liquid inside our carry bag/handbag. And I didn't even think to keep the bottle and let go the liquid, gosh! I had to see them got thrown easily by the officer. My heart was broken!

Some friends/visitors might think I was an idiot to steal take hotel products, but it's a bliss!

My beloved L'Occitane Hotel Bathing Products
It's a genetic however. My grandfather was the one who taught me this, lol! Now my mom loves to do this things (and even some of my aunts have this hobby). And here I am, even my bf supports me (I don't know whether he just wants to make me happy) -whenever he has a business-trip, he always brings me bathing products from every hotel he'd stayed. LOL!

This just fun :) What do you think?

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  1. Gileee Loksitangnya banyak bangeeet!!
    Pernah nginep di hotel, bathing kitnya Loksitang, tak ambil deh hihihi. Ya abees kalau beli kan mahal...
    Aku heran sama hand wash 300 ml itu Mbak, boleh gitu dibawa???

  2. q juga suka ambil mbk,itu masih ada beberapa di kardus hehehe

  3. aku pun semangat klo pas nginep d 4/5 star hotel. haha.. smp2 suami pun klo trainjng pasti kutitipin..

  4. Ya ampunn bnyak bngt koleksinyaaa mauuu

  5. ayoo...ayoooo...dipilih...dipilih...jangan sampe kehabisan...hayoooo

  6. wiiih dari berapa hotel itu? #gapernahnginepdihotel :D

  7. Aku jg suka ngambil mbak klo sabun2 gitu di hotel :D
    kan emang udah dikasih ke kita..hehe

    seru ya klo banyak gitu.

  8. Waduh banyak bgt *-*
    Ortuku jg pny kebiasaan ngambilin itu haha XD jd nyesel kpn hr nginep hotel ★5, toiletries nya l'occitane tp ga kuembat T.T

  9. ternyata boleh dibawa pulang yah, yampun aku takut makannya ga pernah dibawa pulang hhhihihi


  10. hihihi seriiinnnggg bawa beginian tapi ya cuman dibawa pulang tok abis tu gak dipake juga hehehehe, senang ngambilnya aja sih tms kopi teh dan kawan-kawannya...

    1. Ah iya, teh + kopi juga seneng banget ngambilnya, hihihi...

    2. hahahahaha iya nih kalo ngambil sugar palm, salt dkk pasti temen2 pada ngikik *buat apaan neeeng?

  11. aku sih tergantung produknya apa mba :D.. Kalo kayak l'occitane, ya aku bawa pulang juga.. toh memang boleh kan... kecuali memang ada biayanya, ya baru ga kupake ;p.. tp kalo produknya aku ga suka, ga wangi,jgnkan dibawa pulang, dipake aja gak ;p... mnding pake perlatan mandi sndiri :D