Into Dual

by - Sunday, September 07, 2014

Black and White is always the theme that makes me feel most comfortable with, but this newly altered pants is actually something I always feel odd with in the other side. I always try to wear something to cover my big hips, well, trying to challenge myself lately wearing things I hate.

Top : local
Shoes : local
Pants : Zara basic (altered, size S)
Leather Bag : Salvatore Ferragamo

Next. I paired my white unbranded dress with my local black blazer, I love its cutting and I thought this one is the best blazer I have so far.

Bag by Vivienne Westwood.

See you!

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  1. these outfits are chic,
    perfect for work and women on the go.

    Ms. Kei


    i am now following your blog
    through Bloglovin'.

  2. Cool, calm, chic, confident :-)
    Classy, indeed