Reasons Why You Must Blog About Your Outfit

by - Wednesday, September 03, 2014

It's funny that I just realized I should have be more active on posting outfit pictures cause lately I regret for not recording my outfit journey from the beginning. Well, I mean, tracking back 2 or 4 years ago where my wardrobe was so limited and I had to mix everything just for not getting bored toward my own reflection.

I remembered on 2010 I was into Japanese style a lot! But not that doll-style or gyaru or kawaii, I was into Japanese male outfit a lot, to look masculine but still with girly touch. Ah.. How I remembered those days I was into scarf a lot, blazer, and monotone color. But sadly I didn't take pictures :(

On 2012, I was just like others: Extremely in love with Korean style (well, probably up until now, somehow). I love SNSD's Taeyeon a lot.

Well, how about now? Though I'm not really consider myself as a fashion blogger, I do still experiment a lot. And yes, I guess it's great to post more of outfit pictures starting today. 

And I encourage you to do it too. Because you know, on the next 2-3 years, it's a personal fun to look at your transition ^^

Top / Blue Stripped shirt by Abercrombie & Fitch - size S (stretch)
Pants / U2 (altered)
Leather Bag / Tods
Watch / Guess
Shoes / unbranded
Belt / unbranded

See you!

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  1. I nominated you at Best Blog Award. Write to me when it will be done. All information are there:

  2. yeay..keren dan kece banget.suka sama sabuknya...aduh,bahasa kerennya sabuk apa ya..hehehe

  3. that's actually a really great idea, plus it's always going to be quite funny/interesting to see how your style has changed over time. Btw love your shoes here! x
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